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1000 Watt Solar Panel in Pakistan

Energy has been long produced by burning fossil fuels; which has not only resulted in depletion of fossil fuels but increased pollution and damage to the earth’s environment. Depletion of fossil fuels and increase in energy demand has created severe energy crises all around the globe.

Pakistan is also one of those countries where there is severe shortage of electricity and people have to experience long hours of load shedding. Furthermore, the electricity tariffs are very high making electricity a luxury not a necessity. Excessive use of fossil fuels in Pakistan has also severely damaged the environment and augmented pollution.

In these energy crises, the only solution is to move towards alternate energy resources that are sustainable, replenishable and will not damage the environment. Solar energy is found to be an excellent alternate energy resource. Pakistan has plentiful sunlight in almost every corner of the country. Ningbo aims to bring the latest solar technology to Pakistan at affordable prices so that Pakistanis can enjoy affordable and uninterrupted electricity without damaging the environment. We offer the best diverse and customized solar solutions at the best rates with the best services.

Types of 1000 Watt Solar Systems

Following categories of 1000 Watt solar panel are available:

1000 Watt On Grid System

  • An on-grid system is connected or tied to the grid for smooth and efficient working. A 1000 Watt on-grid will be connected to the grid and use it as a backup. 
  • A 1000 Watt solar does not produce sufficient energy to run heavy loads or bear the entire household load. That is why if you are installing a 1000 Watt solar panel in your home you need to have a backup to meet excess energy needs. This system does not use batteries as a backup source.
  • On-grid system also allows the facility of net metering. Net metering helps to bring into account the electricity being delivered to the grid.
  • A drawback of an on-grid system is that you cannot enjoy uninterrupted power supply. If the supply from the grid is cut off, the solar panel system will also shut down for safety reasons for people working on the grid.

1000 Watt Off Grid System

  • A 1000 Watt off-grid system is independent and not tied to the grid. Such a system makes use of batteries for backup.
  • The battery will provide the required energy when the solar panel is not producing electricity.
  • A 1000 Watt off-grid system is best for use in remote locations or when travelling.

1000 Watt Hybrid System

  • In a 1000 Watt hybrid system, the solar panel system will be connected to the grid and have a battery backup at the same time. A hybrid system allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply throughout the day. In case of a power shutdown, the solar panel system will be cut off from the grid and continue to operate by using its stored energy from the battery.
  • Choosing the right type of 1000 Watt system for your needs can be difficult. 

Ningbo has a team of experts who are willing to extend any sort of help to the customers. Our professional team will assess all the situations and then guide you through every step. We offer efficient solar solutions for most of the cities.

How can you set up a 1000 Watt solar panel system?

A 1000 Watt single solar panel is not available. In order to make a 1000 Watt solar panel system, you need to connect several solar panels. Following components will be required:

  1. Solar panels (if 200 Watt panels are used, then 5 solar panels will be needed)
  2. Charge controller
  3. Battery for off-grid and hybrid systems
  4. Inverter
  5. Wiring and mounting equipment
  6. Other accessories needed for special requirements.

solar panel

What appliances can run on a 1000 Watt solar panel system?


A 1000 Watt solar panels system can support a maximum load of 1000 Watt in ideal conditions. The amount of sunlight the solar panels receive and the efficiency of the solar panels will determine the amount of energy that can be produced. Assuming perfect conditions, a 1000 Watt solar panel can produce 1000 kWh of energy. It is a good amount of energy but not big enough for heavy loads or running the entire household.

A 1000 Watt solar panel is generally used to power small appliances and equipment in RVs, vans, cabins, or certain household loads. You can run a small refrigerator using this system. Other than that, a few lights, fan and an LED TV can also be operated.

1000 watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

1000 watt solar panel cost in Pakistan

The quantity and quality of solar panels, size of inverter, battery, the location where it needs to be installed, etc., are some factors that determine the cost of the system. Ningbo provides its customers with the best solutions at the best price. We work hard to offer the best prices for the most advanced solar technology products.


Can you net meter a 1000 Watt solar system in Pakistan?

Net metering is only possible if the system being used is hybrid or on-grid. For a 1000 Watt off-grid system, net metering cannot be applied.

What area will a 1000 Watt solar panel system cover?

The number of solar panels used affects the size of the system and the area it covers. A 1000 Watt solar panel system generally makes use of five 200 Watt solar panels. The area covered by all these panels is around 86 sq.ft. The size is very convenient and can easily be installed at different locations.

Can I run my house on a 1000 Watt solar panel?

A 1000 Watt solar panel system does not produce sufficient energy to run the entire household load. It can share certain loads equivalent to 1 kWh and help reduce the use from the grid. For a minimum energy consumption of 300 units, you will need to install three 1000 Watt solar panel systems.

What are the returns on a 1000 Watt solar panel system?

Solar panel system can help you save and earn money; the return on investment for solar is quite good. During its payback time, which is usually 5 years for household application, you can save on electricity bills. Once the payback period is over you can enjoy free electricity and also sell excess electricity to the grid.

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