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Pakistan is still in the developing stages, due to which it still faces quite a number of issues. Power shortage and expensive electricity are some of the significant problems that people living here have to deal with. Many major cities, let alone rural areas, have to face long hours of load shedding. Furthermore, the prices for the electricity available are skyrocketing and are increasing with every passing day.

In this scenario, switching to alternate resources is necessary. The world is also looking for alternate energy resources to cut down the use of fossil fuels and protect the environment. The use of solar energy has become prevalent to deal with these issues. Ningbo has bought unique and high-technology solar ideas in Pakistan at affordable rates. We have a wide variety of sizes and types to fit everyone’s needs.

Types of 300W Solar Panels

Our 300 W panels can be purchased in the following categories:

300W On Grid

  • In an on-grid system, the solar panel system is connected to the grid and uses the grid as a backup in case the system cannot produce sufficient electricity. All additional requirements will be fulfilled through the grid. No extra batteries are required, and therefore this system is cheaper than the system requiring batteries for backup.
  • Almost all utilities offer net metering facilities. In an on-grid system, the solar panel system is connected to the grid through a net meter. The net meter helps to consider all the energy absorbed from the grid and the excess energy delivered to the grid.
  • In an on-grid, you cannot enjoy an uninterrupted power supply; the solar panel system will also shut down with an outage at the utility for safety purposes.

300W Off Grid

A 300 W off-grid is not connected to the grid and will work independently; while using a battery backup. An off-grid system is not connected to the grid and, therefore, cannot use the electricity produced by the grid. To meet excess energy needs, a battery bank or generator can be used. 300 W solar panels are smaller in size and are preferred for remote use rather than at home.
An off-grid system is best for remote locations or traveling and does not have access to electricity. It is an excellent option to be self-sufficient and self-reliant.

300W Hybrid

  • In a hybrid system, you can get the best of both worlds. A 300 Watt hybrid solar system will be connected to the grid and have a battery backup.
  • With a hybrid system, you can have an uninterrupted power supply because there will be a battery backup and not just a grid backup.

At Ningbo, you get the best prices for the best solar solutions. Our team of experts is there to help and guide you through the entire process of solar panel selection and installation. They will first visit the site, assess all conditions, and then design a feasibility report and a customized solar solution for your needs. We aim to provide cost-effective, quality solar solutions and services to our customers.

Components of 300W Solar System

A 300 watt solar panel system will have similar components like all solar panel systems that work off-grid.

Since, it is majorly used as an off-grid system, following components will constitute the solar system:

  • Solar Panel
  • Battery bank
  • A battery box with mounting equipment
  • Solar regulator
  • Solar inverter.

For a hybrid system or on-grid system, additional components may be needed.

Components of Solar panel System​

What appliances can you run on a 300 W solar panel?

solar panel

The energy production from a 300 W solar panel will depend on several factors. The climate and weather of the location where it needs to be fixed, the quality and type of solar panel being used. With 8 hours of bright sunlight, a 300 W solar panel can produce 2.5 kWh of energy in an ideal situation.

The energy produced by a 300 W solar panel is sufficient to run LED lights, fans, and small appliances at your home. It is also extensively used to power boats, or small appliances in a caravan.

While going on a picnic, a 300 W solar panel will suffice all your energy needs by running a small refrigerator, stereo system, charge all your gadgets, and much more.

For smooth use, it is best to use this panel with a 12V battery bank.

Price of 300W solar system in Pakistan

The price of a solar panel varies with many factors. Some of the factors include the location where the system needs to be installed, the quality of the semi-conductor, the type and capacity of the solar panel, the battery bank size, inverter used, etc.

Ningbo assures its customers that at Ningbo, you will get the best price for the best quality and services. We do not compromise on quality and provide the best products and solutions for you at affordable prices.


What is the size of 300W solar system?

The size of the solar panel will depend on the type of cell being used. For a 300 W system, usually monocrystalline cells are used; with this type, the average dimensions of the solar panel will be 65.9 x 39.1 x 1.38 inches. The weight of the solar panel will approximately be 19 kgs.
The area that solar panels will occupy on the installed location will depend on the number of solar panels used.

How many panels will I need to run my house on a 300 W solar system?

Ningbo has a team of experts who will determine your electricity usage and then determine the most suitable number of solar panels required to fulfill all energy needs. In general, a house that consumes 300-350 units of electricity will need at least 3 – 5 kWh of energy. The number of solar panels required to power such needs will at least be 3. Our experts will guide you the best.

What are the financial returns of 300W solar system?

Solar panel systems come with the benefit of earning money, making it a profitable investment after the payback period is over. The financial returns on a solar system depend on your use. If you are selling more energy to the grid, you can soon start enjoying free energy.

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