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3KW Solar System in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country with a severe energy crisis. The people here have to suffer long hours of load shedding in the scorching Pakistani climate. These uninterrupted supplies become unbearable in the summer season because of very high temperatures. The people face not only interrupted power supply but also colossal electricity bills that are a burden to pay. Furthermore, the pollution level in Pakistan is also very high due to excessive fossil fuel burning.

Pakistan has a lot of potentials to run solar energy systems efficiently and effectively. The energy crisis from which Pakistan is suffering can efficiently be dealt by using solar energy systems. Ningbo has been established to help the suffering Pakistani people by providing them with cost-effective solar solutions. Our solutions are diverse and are designed to perfection, and available at affordable prices.

Types of 3KW Solar Systems

3000 Watt solar systems are available in the following category:

3KW On Grid System

  • A 3000 Watt on-grid system requires to be connected to the grid for efficient working. This system makes use of the grid as a backup instead of having batteries.
  • Although a 3000 Watt solar system is sufficient to power small and medium households in Pakistan, the system may sometimes not produce the energy demanded due to weather conditions or excessive use. In such situations, the grid will be used to meet the energy needs.
  • An on-grid system will also be shut down in case of a power shutdown from the utility for safety reasons. An on-grid system offers the facility of net metering that will help to take into account the energy delivered to the grid.

3KW Off Grid System

  • An off-grid is not connected to the grid and cannot use it as a backup. Such a system makes use of batteries to store energy and then supply energy when needed.
  • Off-grid systems are best for remote locations or when the grid is too far to be tied to. Because of the additional use of batteries, these systems are a bit costly than on-rid systems.
  • A 3 KW off-grid system will not allow net metering.

3KW Hybrid System

  • In a 3000W hybrid system, you are connected to the grid and also have a battery backup.
  • A hybrid system will allow you to use uninterrupted power supply as it can operate during power interruption via the battery.

Ningbo, offers the best solar solutions at the best price. Considering the di fferent types of 3000W solar systems available, choosing one for your use can be difficult. Ningbo, is there for you to guide you through every step.

Our team of technical experts will carry out a complete and thorough analysis, assess the details and then design a customized and affordable solution for your needs.

Components of 3KW Solar System

In a 3000 W solar system all standard equipment will be used which include:

  1. Solar Systems
  2. Mounting and racking attachments
  3. System Monitor
  4. Batteries in case of hybrid or off-grid.
  5. Charge controller
  6. Wiring
  7. Other accessories may be defined by specific requirements.

solar panel

What can a 3kw solar system run?

solar panel

A 3000 Watt solar system power can be used to support the load as high as 3000 Watt. The energy produced by this solar system will depend on the sunlight conditions and how long it shines. If the sun is bright enough, then a 3000 Watt solar system can ideally produce 3000 kWh of energy in one hour. A 3000 Watt solar system is sufficient to handle significant loads; in a small household, it can fulfill all energy requirements, but it can shed off a considerable portion of the load in a larger home. Here are some appliances that this system can simultaneously run:

  1. 7 LED lights
  2. 3 Fans
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Washing machine
  5. LED TV
  6. Water dispenser

The use of appliances can vary depending on the use. If no other appliance is operating, the 3000 Watt solar system can run a 1 ton inverter split or a half HP motor as well.

3KW Solar System Price in Pakistan

3KW Solar System Cost in Pakistan

The solar system price depends on different factors like the size of the solar system, quality, batteries used, inverter size, the location where it needs to be installed, etc.

Ningbo offers the best price for its outstanding solar products. We do not compromise on quality but provide affordable solar solutions for the people.

Net metering on a 3000 Watt solar system in Pakistan

All on-grid and hybrid systems allow net metering. A 3000 Watt on-grid and the hybrid system can easily be net-metered to account for the delivered energy. For an off-grid system, net metering is not possible.


How big is a 3000 Watt solar system?

The solar system size depends on the number of solar cells being used and the output required. The approximate size of the solar system will be 1956 x 992 x 40 mm. A 3000 Watt solar system is not very huge and convenient enough to be installed on rooftops. On average, it will cover an area of 180 sq. ft, which is not a large space.

Is a 3000 Watt solar system enough to run my house?

3000 watt solar system produces sufficient energy to power a small or medium household. If your energy consumption is around 300 units, then this solar system can run the whole load. If energy consumption is more, then it can run a large portion of the load.
Our team of technical experts will guide you with the best option at the most affordable price.

Can I make money with my solar panel system?

The investment return on solar systems is the most significant benefit of installing them. Usually, the payback period of a 3000 Watt system is around five years, which means that after five years, you can enjoy free electricity and even earn by selling excess electricity to the grid.

How much is a 3kW inverter?

A 3kW inverter is basically an inverter with power rating of 3000 Watt which means a 3kW inverter can support and run loads equivalent to 3000 Watts or less. Appliances having greater power rating than this or multiple appliances that sum up to be of greater power cannot run together on this inverter.

How many solar panels is 3kW?

The price of a solar panel system depends on various factors like the quality of the solar panels being used, their size, capacity and quality of other components being used in the system. The price of off grid and hybrid solar systems will be greater than that of on-grid systems because on-grid systems do not use batteries. The average price of a 3kW solar panel system can vary from Rs. 250,000 to Rs. 340,000 depending on the factors.

Is 3kW solar enough for a house?

3 kW solar panel system produces a sufficient amount of energy to run a small household. If your energy consumption is around 300 units monthly, then this system will be perfect to meet the energy needs.

Is 3kW solar enough?

Whether a solar panel system is enough or not depends on the application. For a small household, 3 kW solar panel system is sufficient but for bigger applications, the 3 kW solar panel system will only be able to support a portion of the load.

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