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The ever-soaring utility prices and many long power outages have made the lives of people in Pakistan very difficult. The rise in environmental pollution and depletion of fossil fuels and energy resources has led many people to opt for alternate energy resources.
Opting for alternate energy resources in this severe energy crisis is the only best option one can go for. Alternate energy sources like solar panel systems are a cost-effective solution to meet energy needs and efficient alternatives. Ningbo provides you with the most efficient and cost-effective solar power solutions. We offer solar panel systems of different sizes and capacities to meet the different energy requirements.

Types of 500W Solar Panels

If you are looking to install a 500 W solar panel system, then you have three choices to choose from:

500W On Grid

  • An on-grid system, also known as the grid-tied system, is the most feasible and practical solution to go for. In this system, your solar panel system will need no extra batteries to store the excess electricity production but will be connected to the grid to supply all the excess energy to the grid.
  • All of your additional energy needs will be fulfilled from the grid without the use of expensive batteries.
  • Most utilities allow net metering, which can take into account all the excess electricity sent to the grid. However, with this system, you will have no electricity when the grid is facing an outage.

500W Off Grid

  • An off-grid system, as the name states, is not connected to the grid. This system is best to be used in situations when there is no on-grid solution available.
  • An off-grid system makes use of expensive battery banks that can serve as backup for when the system is not producing enough electricity. Because of the added batteries, an off-grid system is quite costly and is not a feasible option for residential use.
  • It is best for remote locations and independent applications. Net metering is also not applicable to this system as it is not connected to the grid.

500W Hybrid

  • In a 500W hybrid system, there is the option for both being connected to the grid and a battery backup.
  • This means you can enjoy an uninterrupted supply of electricity even when there is a power outage. Having both the options make it a bit on the expensive side.
  • But at Ningbo, we make sure that our customers enjoy the best facilities at affordable prices. We offer the most efficient solutions at the best prices.

Selecting the best system for you can be overwhelming with little technical knowledge. We at Ningbo are there to serve you and guide you to the best system for your needs. Our technical experts will assess your situation and needs and then suggest the most affordable and efficient solution for you.

Components of 500W Solar System

The standard components that we provide with the purchase of our 500 W solar system include:

  • A solar panel
  • Solar inverter
  • Battery if demanded or needed.
  • Mounting or racking for mounting and fixing the solar panels and other components securely.
  • Wirings as per the requirement.
  • Charge controller.

Others Accessories and connectors as per your specific requirements

Components of Solar panel System​

Which appliances can be used on 500W solar panel?

solar panel

If perfect conditions are assumed, a 500 W solar panel under 8 hours of bright sunlight can produce around 4kWh of energy per day. This amount of energy is sufficient to run the majority of the small loads in a house. Some appliances need a large amount of power but only run for a short time, and with this amount of energy production, such devices can also be made to run on the solar system. 

Some appliances that can be simultaneously run using the 500 W solar system are:

  1. Computer
  2. Laptop
  3. Television
  4. Blue-ray players
  5. Blender
  6. Several lights
  7. Serval fans
  8. Chargers.

The use of the appliances can vary according to your needs.

500 Watt Solar Panel Price in Pakistan

The price of a solar panel system is not fixed. Many factors play a part in determining the cost of the solar panel system. A 500 Watt solar system can vary in price depending on the use of batteries, size of the inverter, location where it needs to be installed, etc.

One thing that you need to be sure of is that with Ningbo, you get the best price for the best solar system.


Can we do net metering on 500W solar panel in Pakistan?

An on-grid and hybrid 500 W solar panel system will allow net metering after applying to the utility. However, an off-grid 500 W solar pane system will not allow net metering.

What is the size of 500W solar system?

The size of a solar panel system depends on the type of solar panel and the individual output of the solar cells being used. On average, a 500 W solar panel using mono solar cells will make use of 96 solar cells and will have a dimension of around 1956 x 1300 x 50 mm and will weigh about 33 kg.

Our technical experts will assess the location for solar power system installation and will design the system accordingly.

Can I run my house on 500W solar panel?

It all depends on your need and usage of electricity. A 500 Watt solar panel system can run several loads of your house but not all the loads. You can get an on-grid system to meet your energy needs. However, saving on electricity usage is a surety.
At Ningbo, our technical experts will guide you with the best option to meet your energy needs and budget.

What are the financial returns of 500W solar system?

The return on investment for a solar system depends on the monthly savings you can make with the solar panel system. Generally, for a residential customer, the payback period is 5-7 years and this period shortens for a commercial user because of greater use. Once you are able to get the initial cost of the system, the energy generated after that will be almost free of charge.

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