Having trouble making the payment upfront?
No problem we have got you covered with solar financing. Install solar system at your desired place with easy installments through banks.
At Ningbo Green Light Energy Pvt. Ltd., we offer the customers to pay for their solar panels at a later date with the help of “Solar Financing”.
This enables them to get solar panel but pay for it in monthly installments of your choice.


1. Down Payment of 30% of the total project size.
2. Roof top or any other space for solar panels to be installed.
3. PDC (postdated cheques) along the initial down payment are required.

What is solar financing?

Solar financing is the ability that enables you to install your solar panel without any upfront payment. State Bank of Pakistan approves you loan for solar and provides you with an interest rate of 6% in which 4% is to your commercial bank and 2% to state bank.
How can we avail solar financing?

You can avail solar financing through any commercial bank providing this service after getting approval from State Bank of Pakistan.

What is the time span for loan approval by state bank?

After you submit your application to the State Bank of Pakistan it takes almost 2 to 3 months for your loan to approved.

What is the loan tenure for domestic and commercial solar financing?

The loan tenure for domestic solar financing varies from 3 to 2 years. The Commercial or Industrial loan tenure varies from 3 to 8 years.

Which amount of solar financing doesn’t require asset pledging?

In domestic solar financing loan below 2.5 million doesn’t require any asset to be pledged to the bank. Similarly in commercial or industrial solar financing loan below 10 million doesn’t require any asset to be pledged to the bank.

What are the benefits of solar financing?

Solar financing helps you by paying for your solar system through loan. You don’t have to pay any cash up front. Loan payment is done through easy installments of your choice.


Benefits of NGLE Lease Plans

1. Start getting complete benefits of solar without even spending any capital.
2. Pay easy installments monthly.
3. Eligible for carbon credit incentives.
4. Independent of dollar exchange rate and markup fluctuations.

Bank financing

It is our pleasure to announce the Revised Financial Scheme for Solar Energy launched by the State Bank of Pakistan. With this beneficial offer, all prospects including domestic, commercial and industrial clients shall be allowed to benefit from solar system installation at easy monthly installments and at a markup of 2+4=6% only.

Please note that the said 4% is further negotiable depending upon the prospect’s relationship with their respective banks. The said loan is available on a 10 years term whilst allowing you to reap a guaranteed return of 25%.

With the successful implementation of this scheme, solar energy now has been made affordable for all. As a service provider, we at NGLE shall facilitate you throughout the process of loan attainment. Almost all Leading Banks are offering Solar financing.
Please feel absolutely free to ask any question regarding the proposal or any other thing regarding our services. It would be a delight to take your queries in this regard.