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Faisalabad, the third-largest metropolis of Pakistan and the second in Punjab, is amongst the backbone of Pakistan’s economy. The city is famous for its numerous textile industries and contributes a major portion to the country’s GDP. Faisalabad is commonly referred to as “The Manchester of Pakistan” because of being the textile industry hub. Besides the textile industry, Faisalabad is popularly known for many different products and a center for many commercial and industrial activities. All its activities make Faisalabad in need of a continuous power supply. The shortfall of electricity has grievously damaged the country’s economy.

The industries and commercial centers cannot operate and generate output without electricity. To keep their business running, companies are looking for alternative resources to supply them with electricity. Among the different alternatives, solar energy is the most efficient, practical, and affordable solution to meet all energy needs. Solar energy will provide a continuous power supply and protect the environment from further damage and attract more international clients, who are all moving towards clean production.

Leading the Solar Innovation in Faisalabad

Faisalabad is one of the country’s industrial hubs, contributing to a major portion of the country’s economy. Lack of production by the industries in Faisalabad will directly impact the country’s economy. Ngle.pk know very well about the need of the city and the industrialists.  Our experts design a system that can make most of the 5.5 – 5.8 kWh for every square kilometer of solar radiation in Faisalabad.

We analyze and evaluate all circumstances and the customer’s needs and then design customized solutions for our customers. We know that everyone has different energy needs, and so we plan accordingly. Our smart and efficient services have helped us to lead the solar market in Faisalabad.

Solar Solutions for all your needs​


The energy crisis is becoming serious with every passing day not only for Pakistan, but the whole world. The energy crisis has made us utilize the replenishable and inexhaustible energy sources on Earth like solar, wind, tidal, etc. Pakistan has also shifted to alternative resources for meeting energy needs. With so many imperishable blessings, solar is one of the most suitable and practical energy solutions.

Electricity shortage in Pakistan is a very common issue and people have been looking for other ways to meet their energy needs. This electricity shortfall has been having serious consequences, on people’s lives and the country’s economy. Pakistan has a huge potential for solar energy with more than 300 days of bright sunlight. Using this blessing, we can easily come out of the energy crisis and even produce more than what is required.

Pakistan enjoys an amazing location of the Earth and receives almost 10 hours of daylight receiving about 6 kWh/m2 of solar radiation each day. This huge sunlight potential is sufficient enough to meet all our energy needs.

We lead the solar competition in the city with excellent consultation, design, and services.

Ngle.pk your companion in Going Green

Ngle.pk knows that Pakistan can easily jump out of the energy crisis by exploiting its solar energy resources. Solar energy can help Pakistan meet all energy needs and also make the country clean and green. We are with you in this struggle and will help you provide the smartest, most efficient, and affordable solar solutions.

We export the best quality solar panels for you and provide them at affordable prices. Our highly efficient and smart systems are within everyone’s reach. Together, we can fight the energy crisis and make our city and country free from pollution and greenhouse gases.

We offer excellent services with 24/7 monitoring of the installed system to help you achieve your purpose

Types of Solutions in Faisalabad

Energy needs are diverse for all. One solution cannot be used for another location or need. We look into the details of every customer’s needs and then design a tailor-made solution for them. Our diverse solutions include:

Domestic Solutions

  • Investing in solar energy systems is a great way to save yourself from an uninterrupted power supply, save money, increase the worth of your house, and keep yourself free home any increment in the tariff.
  • It will also help you to produce clean energy. Domestic needs are lower than commercial energy needs but still may vary from house to house and family lifestyle.
  • For this reason, we offer a range of solar solutions from 5 kWh to 30 kWh for domestic applications.


Commercial solutions

  • Commercial energy demand is very high because of the unreliable electricity provided by the utility.
  • Most of the small and medium enterprises are looking for alternative solutions to the electricity problem.
  • We offer a wide range of commercial solar solutions ranging from 30 kWh to 200 kWh to meet the different energy needs and dynamics.


Industrial solutions

  • The high energy requirement at the industrial level allows the industrialists to enjoy many benefits from installing a solar panel system.
  • The solar system will help them save money and enjoy a continuous power supply and increase production.
  • We evaluate the energy portfolio and the various dynamics of the customer and then design a highly optimized, efficient, and appropriate solution for the customer.

Benefits of Using Solar System in Faisalabad

Faisalabad, an industrialist city and the country’s third most populous city, makes its energy needs very high. Failure to provide a reliable power supply to the city by the utility has made people look for alternatives. It is imperative that Faisalabad goes solar so that the increased energy needs can be efficiently met and no adverse effects are seen on the country’s economy.
Here are some benefits of using solar energy in Faisalabad:

  1. Uninterrupted power supply for smooth running of industries and increased output
  2. Produce clean and green energy and help reduce pollution.
  3. Attract international clients who are looking for clean production.
  4. Help the utility to stabilize by reducing transmission and distribution losses.
  5. Save yourself from the future inconvenience of interrupted power supply and ever-increasing tariffs.
  6. Make the city clean and green by reducing the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions
  7. Enjoy the benefits of net metering and save money.


Reduce Bills by Net Metering in Faisalabad

net metering

The most beneficial part of installing a solar panel system is net metering. FESCO also offers this facility to solar panel users. We help our customers to benefit from this facility and save money. Our customers will not have to worry about the entire process as we will be there to facilitate you. We offer on-grid and hybrid systems that enable our customers to enjoy a net metering facility. Net metering helps the customers to sell excess electricity and save money.

A net meter accounts for the excess electricity produced by the solar panel system sent to the utility grid. A solar panel system generally produces excess electricity. This electricity goes to the grid; without a net meter, there is no accountability for it. With the net meter, you can get extra credits for this excess electricity and get it compensated for in the bill you receive.

Perfect Climate of Faisalabad for Solar System

Faisalabad lies in the tropical region and experiences warm, muggy, sweltering, and clear summers while the winters are short, cool, and mostly clear. The cloud cover in the city varies widely with the change in the season. The clear months are for around three and a half months. The rest of the months are partly or mostly cloudy. However, sufficient sunlight is received for the solar panels to operate efficiently.

Faisalabad has sufficient sunlight in a day with a minimum of ten hours and a maximum of over fourteen hours, creating perfect conditions for the solar panel system to operate. Faisalabad experiences average solar radiation of 6.8 kWh for every square meter in the clearer part of the year. In comparison, the radiation decreases below 4 kWh for every square meter in the cloud-covered period. The darkest day also has 3.2 kWh of solar radiation for every square kilometer, which is good enough for meeting basic energy needs.

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