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  • From 5 kWh -30 kWh
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  • From 30 kWh- 200 kWh
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Industrial Solutions

  • 200 kWh +
  • For Industrial loads

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WANT TO KNOW?How Solar Works

Sun is the main source of solar power. The solar panels also known as “photovoltaic” panel are used to convert the energy dissipated by the sun which contains small particles called “photons” into electrical energy.
The purpose of an inverter is to invert the DC power obtained from Solar energy into useable AC. The alternating current (AC) is suitable for all the household appliances.
The electricity produced through solar power is used for your personal purpose. After your personal use the remaining electricity isn’t wasted but fed back to the grid.
The meter keeps the check and balance of your usage of electricity as well as the production of it by your solar system.

The excess electricity produced by your solar system isn’t wasted but it is fed into the grid.

Hybrid solar system provides you with backup power supply in case of power shutdown. It uses special hybrid batteries and inverter for storage of electricity.

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Highly experienced and qualified personnel are employed in our team. From engineers to sales team our employees are the best in the field.



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    Welcome to NGLE - Green Light Solar Energy Pakistan

    Solar power has gradually grown to meet the extensive energy needs of the people. Not only this, but solar in Pakistan is being adopted because of the benefit of clean energy, reduced electricity bills, net-metering, and grid independence. Solar energy systems in Pakistan are growing exponentially and we are proudly a part of this rapid expansion of solar systems.

    Our team of more than 60 people include expert solar professionals and highly skilled staff and their dedicated hard work have made us one of the most popular solar companies all over the country. Over the last 10 years, we have excelled in our work by completing over 250 projects by providing excellent and highly quality domestic, commercial and industrial solar solutions.

    Ningbo Green Light Energy Group Co., Ltd., has grown over the years and has established more than ten branches all over the country. The branches have their headquarters in Ningbo, China and is amongst the oldest in this field. We have the most advanced technology with amazing solar solutions and products for all.

    Solar Solution for All

    We have highly skilled and experienced professionals to help you with your energy related issues. We are qualified to provide you different solar solutions for your domestic, commercial or industrial needs. Our products and solutions are world class as we have the following certifications:
    ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, SGS, TUV, PC, UL, NRE, CE, and CGC SOLAR

    Domestic Solution

    Our domestic solutions range from a 5 kWh system to a 30 kWh system that can be installed at any location. We provide customized solutions for our customers to make the solar system hybrid with the grid or make it off-grid. Moreover, we provide regular maintenance by our experts.

    Commercial Solution

    Commercial setups require large setups and for this we have a uniquely designed solar panel system that ranges from 30kWh to 200 kWh. Our commercial solution is best for small and medium enterprises. We take care of each and every detail from the beginning of the system design to the working of the system.

    Industrial Solution

    For all requirements of solar electricity above 200 kWh we have customized industrial solutions. We are aware that every solar requirement is different and our experts thoroughly go through all the requirements, carry out inspections and then design the perfect system for you.

    Solar System Price in Pakistan

    Different solutions come with different prices. The price of each system will differ because each system will be designed according to different requirements. The bigger the system, the more it will cost but we assure you that we offer you the best price for the best solution in the market.

    Moreover, we offer technical consultation with our experts for any of your queries without any extra charges. Our package includes consultation, installation and maintenance and there are no hidden charges.

    Operations in Pakistan

    Solar system in Pakistan is no longer a rarity. For this reason we have our offices all over the country. Our expanding solutions have attracted many customers from all across the country and this has kept us motivated and encouraged us to expand to many different cities.

    The headquarter is based in Lahore but you can find us in a number of cities including Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Faisalabad to name a few. You can also contact us through our phone or email and we will provide you the best possible solution for your needs.

    Benefits of Using Solar Energy in Pakistan

    Energy deficit is one of the biggest problems ongoing in the world with the underdeveloped countries facing this issue all the more. Making use of renewable energy resources that are sustainable and also provide clean electricity is the ultimate solution.

    Pakistan is an under developed country with severe energy crisis. Making use of the abundant sunlight in Pakistan is the best solution to the energy deficit problem. This is not the only benefit of going solar. Here are some more benefits you can get by opting for solar energy:

    • Green Energy: Solar energy helps in producing clean electricity and thus is not harmful for the environment.
    • Convenient: Pakistan enjoys maximum sunlight throughout the year with only a few months of winter making the use of solar energy systems even more beneficial.
    • Cost Efficient: Huge savings on bills can be made by solar energy customers through net metering. NEPRA’s regulation states that all DISCO’s can rebate for the excess electricity units produced by a solar consumer by sending a reduced bill.
    • Constant Power Supply: You can enjoy an uninterrupted electricity supply.
    • No Loss: With solar energy systems, you do not only benefit yourself but also benefit the utility system by providing them with excess generated energy and also reduction in the line losses.

    Why NGLE is best solar company in Pakistan?

    • Expert workforce: Our company is one of the leading solar companies in Pakistan and our skilled force and huge experience cannot be beaten by any.
    • All round systematic installations: Our amazing products and world class solutions installed and maintained by highly educated and skilled professionals have made us stand out in the crowd.
    • Customized solar solutions: We are devoted to our customers and work hard to cater all customers and clients individually and design customized solutions for all.
    • Efficient after-sales service: We feel our responsibility and will look after the system even after installation with regular on call visits and monitoring.
    • Socially responsible: Our well-engineered and customized solar designs have helped customers to reduce their bills and produce their own clean electricity. This way we are playing our role for a cleaner and brighter Pakistan.

    Our Offices in All Major Cities of Pakistan

    The need of the hour is to ensure that we are efficient and at the same time the costs stay reasonable. This is why we offer solar system installation in all the major cities of Pakistan. SO you can definitely connect with us if you are looking for solar solutions for your personal or commercial use in KarachiLahoreIslamabadFaisalabadSialkot and Gunjranwala. You can find us here and get your customized solution today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is an off-grid solar system?

    A: An off-grid solar system is a type of solar system in which the solar panel system is not connected to the local power grid. This s usually opted for places where there is no available power grid or its access is difficult. Such a system is solely dependent on the electricity produced by the solar panel system.

    It is essential that the solar panel system has a battery backup to provide electricity when the electricity produced by the system is not sufficient or is not being produced at all. In some cases a generator is also connected to meet any unusual energy demand.

    What is an on-grid solar system?

    A: An on-grid solar system is another type of solar panel system which is in fact the most common and most used type. In this setup, the solar panel system is connected to the local power grid. When the system is producing surplus electricity, i.e. more than it is required at a particular time, the system will export the extra electricity to the grid.

    On the other hand, when the system is not producing enough amount of electricity or is not producing at all, the system will import electricity from the grid to meet the energy requirement. Such a system requires a net meter to be installed to account for the export and import of electricity and provide a net bill for the house.

    How to choose a solar system for your home?

    A: Before deciding the solar system you need for your home, it is important that you know the load wattage the system has to serve. All the components of the solar panel system mainly depends on the amount of power they have to deal with. So the first thing you need to do is determine the energy you need. This can easily be done by determining all the wattages of the appliances that you want to run and multiple each with the duration of operation; then add up all the values to find out the total energy you want from the system. Professionals and solar companies must also be consulted for more accurate values.

    What is the cost of a solar panel system in Pakistan?

    The cost of a solar panel is not fixed and varies from application to application. The cost is determined by:

    • The cost of the solar panels required to produce sufficient electricity for the application. The size and number of panel needed depends on the power requirement of a particular location.
    • The battery size needed for backup.
    • The size of the inverter that will be used.
    • The size of the charge controller required.
    • The feasibility of the location.
    What are the main types of solar panel system?

    There are three main types of solar panel system which you can get for your property according to your requirements and facilities available. The types have been distinguished by the fact that whether or not or how closely the solar panel system is linked to the power utility structure. This power utility structure is generally referred to as a grid and hence the name of the different systems are:

    • On-Grid system: connected to the grid and can import and export electricity with the grid.
    • Off-Grid system: not connected to the grid and has battery backup.
    • Hybrid system: connected to the grid with battery backup as well.

    On-grid system or grid-tied system are the most common type used for all applications. Off-grid systems are used where there is no access to utility grid; batteries are a must for such systems for backup.