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Gujranwala is the third-largest industrial city and the fifth-largest populous city in Pakistan. It is a major contributor to the economy of the country by producing several export-oriented goods. For a stable and gradually increasing economy, the factories and industries must be running to their fullest and producing maximum output. Sadly, a great many number of power outages have pushed the economy way behind.
Gujranwala needs a lot of continuous power supply to run its industries and provide electricity to the people. The utility has failed to do so, and therefore, people are looking for alternative resources to get themselves electricity. Solar companies have gained great popularity as people are shifting toward solar energy to meet their energy needs. It is a clean and inexhaustible resource that can efficiently provide sufficient electricity to meet all energy needs.
Due to the increased energy crisis, rise in pollution, and awareness regarding this, international companies are now opting for industries producing clean products. They look for companies using alternative energy resources to power their plants instead of regular fossil fuels. Using solar systems in Gujranwala, many international clients are now being attracted to opt them for their mass productions; this will benefit the economy.

Leading the Solar Innovation in Gujranwala

Gujranwala is an industrial and metropolitan city with high energy needs. This economically important city has been facing a serious energy crisis, and in this darkness, Ngle.pk is here to light up your lives. We have revolutionized the life of people dealing with severe load shedding and serious work issues because of power outages. Our world-class solar systems are highly efficient and affordable and will help people get rid of energy issues.
We believe in helping people rather than benefitting ourselves by charging huge prices for these exceptional quality solar systems. We get our solar panels from internationally recognized solar panel manufacturers to give you the best. Our experts are also involved in research and development activities and are always looking to improve the system to make it more efficient and useful for the customers. Our smart and efficient services have helped us to lead the solar market in Gujranwala.

Solar Solutions for all your needs​

https://youtu.be/cV6-ADs6RqUIncreased energy crisis all across the globe and alarming increase in greenhouse gases and pollution have made the world realize the damage they have been doing without thinking. In these dark times when people worldwide are looking for solutions to mend this damage and find a reliable and efficient energy resource, solar energy has emerged as a savior for the world. Solar is a sustainable energy resource with unlimited supply all across the globe.
Pakistan has also been facing the same issue, or maybe even more as compared to the world. Long load shedding hours and unreliable energy supply have become a norm in the daily life of people. Pakistan also has a huge potential for solar energy with more than 300 days of bright sunlight. The climate and geographical location of Pakistan are also amazing to exploit sunlight to the maximum capacity. Most parts of the country enjoy around 10 hours of daylight, receiving about 6 kWh/m2 of solar radiation each day. Being blessed with this huge potential, we can easily come out of the energy crisis and fulfill all our energy needs through solar energy. Using efficient solar systems, we can produce an adequate amount of electricity or even more than required.

We lead the solar competition in the city with excellent consultation, design, and services.

Ngle.pk your companion in Going Green

Ngle.pk knows that with smart efforts, we can come out of this energy crisis easily. Moreover, using solar systems to meet energy needs will also help the people make the country clean and green. In this way, a single solution can eradicate two major issues of the country. We are always there for our country and people by providing them the means to achieve a bright, clean, and green Pakistan.
We offer efficient, smart, and customized solutions to our customers that help them enjoy uninterrupted electricity, save money, pay reduced bills and build a clean and green Pakistan. Our customers will get our full support in every step from consultation to designing implementation and maintenance. We do it all for our customers!

Types of Solutions in Gujranwala

Ngle.pk understands that the energy needs for everyone are different, and so we do not offer to make one and fit all solutions. In fact we thoroughly analyze each customer’s needs and feasibility of the entire scenario and then design customized solar systems for the customers. We have offered solutions in the following categories:

Domestic Solutions

Considering the current energy situation, going solar in the residential and domestic sectors has become a necessity. This renewable and sustainable energy resource brings lots of benefits for its owners. Uninterrupted power supply and ever-increasing tariffs are typical; going solar in this scenario will be very beneficial. We offer solutions ranging in between 5 kWh to 30 kWh, which can be made on-grid, off-grid, or hybrid depending on the customer’s needs and feasibility of the situation.

Commercial solutions

Solar systems ensure a smooth and uninterrupted power supply which is imperative for the smooth operation of the commercial sector. We understand the dynamics of the retail industry and the diverse energy requirements, and so we offer solar systems ranging in between 30 kWh to 200 kWh. Our solutions are best for small and medium enterprises.

Industrial solutions

At the industrial level, energy requirements increase manifolds. It is also important for them to receive good quality and continuous power supply for efficient outputs. We offer solar systems greater than 200 kWh for the industrial sector and understand the energy portfolio of the industry before designing a customized system for them.

Benefits of Using Solar System in Gujranwala

Energy demand in Gujranwala is high because it is an industrial city and housing quite a huge population. Having a continuous power supply that is clean and does not harm the environment is all that this energy-deficient city needs. Continuous electricity from solar systems will be very beneficial for the city’s economic condition and development.
Here are some benefits of using solar energy in Gujranwala:
Enjoy the benefits of net metering and save lots of money.
Make the city clean and green by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
Being dependent on a reliable source of energy makes you more efficient and avoids future inconvenience.
Help the utility by reducing distribution and transmission losses.
Increase international clients by producing clean products that do not damage the environment in their production.
Produce clean and green energy and improve the environmental conditions of the city.
Enjoy an uninterrupted power supply, which will make the commercial and industrial sector work efficiently.

Reduce Bills by Net Metering in Gujranwala

net metering
A solar system comes with many benefits, net-metering being one of the greatest among them. With the help of a net meter, the excess electricity produced by an installed solar system can be accounted for. The net meter will determine the difference between the electricity used and delivered; the utility will then charge for the difference. The utility can also keep the excess units on credit and compensate them for later use.
GEPCO offers this facility to its customers. Ngle.pk will help its customers gain maximum benefit from this facility and do all the work for them. From the application process to the implementation process, we will handle everything for our customers.

Perfect Climate of Gujranwala for Solar System

Gujranwala lies in the tropical region and experiences warm, humid, sweltering, and clear summers while the winters are short, cool, and mostly clear. The cloud cover varies with the season, but the sky is clear for most of the year, making it great for solar opportunities. For over seven months, 98% of the sky is mostly clear. The rest of the year has a partly cloudy or overcast sky.
The sunlight in Gujranwala is abundant with a minimum of ten hours and a maximum of over fourteen hours which are excellent conditions for the solar system to work efficiently. Solar radiation is sufficient enough to produce a considerable amount of electricity. Gujranwala experiences are 6.8 kWh for every square meter of average solar radiation in the brighter period of the year. In comparison, the radiation decreases to below 4 kWh for every square meter in the cloud-covered period.

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