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Ngle.pk is a leading solar company in Lahore and has started off with the aim of reducing carbon footprint in the country by encouraging and supporting the people to shift towards solar energy. Reducing carbon footprint will help to have a safer and cleaner environment for the people. At Ngle.pk, our experts and highly trained staff are striving to offer the best possible services to the customers at affordable rates. Our solutions are based on advanced technologies and ideas and help not only the customers, but the country as well.

Our loyalty, hard work and devotion have helped us become one of the Best Solar Companies in Lahore.

Leading the Solar Innovation in Lahore

Looking forward to get the best output from your solar installation? Ngle.pk is here to serve you with the most efficient, feasible and affordable solar solutions. We provide the customers with customized solutions and ideas that will not only satisfy them, but make them happy and love the products.

Our utmost devotion, use of advanced technology, efficient services and expert guidance makes us stand out in the crowd. Our services are not limited to installation and guidance, but we also help the customers to maintain the solar system and offer regular maintenance as well.

Solar Solutions for all your needs

The world energy crisis is no longer a secret and we are fast running out of fossil fuels. Excessive burning of fossil fuels to meet energy needs have also resulted in pollution and great damage to the Earth. If we want to save the Earth and make it a cleaner and better place to live, we must shift to renewable resources for fulfilling our energy needs.

Sun is an inexhaustible source of free energy, and our country has been blessed with the gift of good sunlight throughout the year. It is high time that we start benefiting from this gift and go solar for producing electricity. Solar energy is the most practical solution for Pakistan; within few hours of bright sunlight, a solar panel can produce adequate amount of electricity to meet all energy needs. This is why, solar energy is gaining great popularity.

Free yourself from huge bills and interrupted power supply through solar solutions!

Ngle.pk your companion in Going Green

Ngle.pk has been setup with the moto of serving the people to achieve a clean and green Pakistan by recuing the carbon footprint. We all know about the increased pollution levels and the energy crisis Pakistan is facing. We are here to help people fight these issues and overcome the problems.

Our advanced solutions are for all sorts of residential, commercial and industrial needs. We offer the most efficient solar panel system that can maximize the solar yield and help you reduce your electricity bills, save money and contribute to a clean and green country.

Pakistan has been blessed with sufficient sunlight, with around ten hours of bright sunlight all around the year and even more in summers. Our experts are well aware of the facts and strive to make the most out of this blessing, to help the country combat energy crisis.

Types of Solutions in Lahore

The experts at Ngle.pk offers a wide range of solar solutions to meet the diverse energy needs. The solutions are tailor-made to each customer’s requirements and are designed in the most efficient, affordable and feasible fashion possible. Our solutions include but not limited to:

Domestic Solutions

Our domestic solutions range from 5 kWh to 30 kWh for rooftop to on-ground farm installations.

Our experts carry out a detailed research of the project and then offer you a customized solution according to the needs and space availability.

Our solutions can be designed on grid, off-grid and hybrid depending on the feasibility and customer requirements.


Commercial solutions

At the commercial level, with increased electricity usage, having your own power generation is a lot better than paying huge electricity bills and that to, with interrupted power supplies.

We offer solar solutions greater than 30 kWh and less than 200 kWh in our commercial solutions which are best for small to medium enterprises (SME).


Industrial solutions

Industries are equipped with expensive and sensitive machineries that need good quality electricity without interruption to work efficiently.

These machineries also use up lots of electricity; paying huge bills with discontinuous power supply is not a great option. We offer efficient and affordable solar solutions for energy requirements greater than 200kWh.

Our solar system design is effectual enough to handle different capacitive and inductive industrial loads.

Benefits of Using Solar System in Lahore

Sadly, the local utility company in Lahore has failed to satisfy the people with disrupted power supply and humongous bills. With increasing population in Lahore, energy supply by the utility is becoming even more unreliable.

Lahore is a hot city with soaring temperatures; it is very difficult to survive in such conditions without electricity and a burden of bog bills.

These difficult situation calls for a change. Here are some benefits of going solar in Lahore:

  1. Save money and enjoy reduced bills.
  2. Reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gases and contribute to a greener and cleaner Lahore.
  3. Become self-reliant and use an inexhaustible source for meeting energy needs.
  4. Enjoy continuous power supply.
  5. Use green and clean energy.
  6. Help the local utility by reducing distribution and transmission losses.

Reduce Bills by Net Metering in Lahore

net metering

Renewable energy resources are infinite and therefore the energy production through these sources is generally more than needed. The excess electricity that is produced by the solar panel system goes to the utility without any accountability, if you do not have a net meter. Net metring is a great way to bring the excess electricity into consideration.

The solutions at Ngle.pk help the customers to get a net meter in their on-grid and hybrid solar systems so that they not only save money but also sell excess electricity to the utility. The net meter installed helps to determine the difference of electricity being used and produced.

On days with greater daylight hours and in summers, the electricity produced by the solar panel is greater than is required. With the help of a net meter, the utility will compensate for this extra electricity by issuing reduced bills. Furthermore, you can also enjoy a negative bill when you consumption is less than your production.

Perfect Climate of Lahore for Solar System

Lahore enjoys hot and clear summers and short and clear winters. The weather throughout the year is warm with only a few months of slight cold season. The skies of Lahore for more than three months remain clear and for the rest of the time the skies are mostly clear or partly clear. This makes the solar systems to work efficiently for most months of the years.

Furthermore, Lahore has sufficient daylight time; Lahore has around ten hours of daylight on the shortest and can have around fourteen hours of daylight on the longest day. The daylight duration is adequate for the solar system to work effectually giving great output.

The Lahore climate is great for installing solar panel system and enjoying reduced bills with continuous power supply.

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