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Ngle.pk is listed as one of the best solar companies in Karachi, providing customised solutions for all domestic, commercial, and industrial needs. We aim to provide a practical and affordable solar solution for your energy needs without compromising on quality. Our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint in the country and make it clean and green.

We offer the best services thanks to our experts and highly trained staff.

Leading the Solar Innovation in Karachi

We at Ngle.pk are always looking for more efficient, affordable, and feasible solar solutions for you. Our advanced technology products help you to get the best solar harvest at the best price. We not only offer solutions and installations but also provide regular maintenance and guarantee. That’s what makes us apart from other solar companies. Our advanced technological products, efficient service, and smart guidance have helped us stand out in the crowd.

Solar Solutions for all your needs

The world is facing an energy crisis and pollution and deterioration from the excessive burning of fossil fuels to meet energy requirements. Renewable resources have now become a preferred choice for many for their and the Earth’s better and clean future.

Solar solutions are one of the most popular energy solutions in the renewable category. Sun is an inexhaustible resource, and with Pakistan lying near the Equator, there is no shortage of sunlight. No other solution other than solar can be more practical and implementable in Pakistan. Sunlight through a solar panel system can produce enough usable electricity within a limited time that all energy needs can easily be fulfilled.

We will determine the load you need to power and design a custom solar panel system to fulfill your energy needs. You can now be free from load shedding and huge bills!

Ngle.pk your companion in Going Green


Do you know that Earth is badly suffering? Do you want to play your role to save the Earth? We at Ngle.pk, are here to help you play your part. We provide advanced solar solutions for all your needs, be it residential, commercial, and industrial. We are determined to reduce our and your carbon footprint and make this Earth green, clean and fresh once again.

Our innovative ideas, advanced technology, and qualified experts help you get the best and most efficient solar yield from the solar panel system. This will not only reduce your bills, save your money but also contribute to saving our beloved country and the Earth.

Pakistan has a gift of sunlight with an average of 8- 10 hours per day and even more in summers. We aim to make the most of this gift and help save our country from the energy crisis and give it the power to make it grow and flourish.

Types of Solutions in Karachi

We at Ngle.pk strive to provide a large variety of solutions to meet the diverse energy needs. Our highly trained and qualified experts work hard to give each one of you the most efficient, feasible, and affordable customised energy solution. Our solutions include:

Domestic Solutions

  • From rooftop installations to on-ground farm installations, we will provide you with the best solution.
  • Our domestic solution ranges between 5 kWh and 30 kWh, and our solution will be specially designed for your need. 
  • Our tailor-made solution will help you to install solar panels at any place and meet any energy requirement. We design on grid, off grid, and hybrid systems to meet different requirements.


Commercial solutions

  • Energy requirements at the commercial level increase a lot. With soaring electricity prices and uncertainty in supply, having your own power generation is the best option.
  • Our commercial solutions are best for small to medium enterprises (SME) as we off commercial solutions ranging from 30 kWh to 200kWh.
  • It is best to have a power generation that will charge you nothing compared to the usual electricity in a commercial setting.


Industrial solutions

  • The energy requirements increase manifolds at the industrial level. With expensive and sensitive machines running the industry, it is best to have an uninterrupted and good quality of electricity to power the industry.
  • We can cater to all energy requirements greater than 200 kWh in our industrial solution.
  • Our solutions are complete and will handle all sorts of inductive and capacitive loads.

Benefits of Using Solar System in Karachi

Karachi is a huge city with a huge population; energy requirements are very high, and the electricity company lags in providing sufficient and uninterrupted power supply to the city. Living in Karachi with high temperatures, no electricity, and huge bills can take a toll on one’s life.
Here are some benefits that you can get by using solar system in Karachi:

  1. Uninterrupted power supply, which means you do not have to worry about load shedding.
  2. Reduced bills and saved lots of money.
  3. Enjoy clean and green electricity.
  4. Contribute to the country by reducing carbon footprint and reducing greenhouse gases.
  5. Contribute to society by reducing transmission and distribution losses.
  6. Be dependent on an inexhaustible source of energy and be self-reliant and free from all worries.

Reduce Bills by Net Metering in Karachi

Net metering is an amazing concept associated with renewable energy resources. Renewable energy resources like solar energy generally produce more energy than is required. This is a major benefit of installing solar panel systems in your homes. The excess electricity produced by the solar panel system goes to the utility unaccounted for if you do not have a net meter.

Ngle.pk helps consumers to sell excess electricity by installing on-grid and hybrid systems. We help the consumers save on electricity bills and enable them to earn through the installation by selling the extra electricity units.

With our solar solution, we also provide a net meter that takes into account all the excess electricity produced and delivered to the utility. The meter will determine the difference between the amount of electricity used and delivered. In summers and on days with a greater number of sunlight hours, the amount of electricity delivered is usually greater than the electricity used.

The utility will compensate for the extra units in the upcoming bills; this calls for more savings! The utility will charge only for the different units, and hence, you can enjoy reduced bills. Moreover, you can also get a negative bill; this means your consumption is less than the production.

Perfect Climate of Karachi for Solar System

Karachi lies in the tropical region and experiences warm weather throughout the year. Karachi experiences hot and very hot summers and warm winters. The best part about Karachi weather, related to the solar panel system, is that the sky is clear for more than nine months of the year, and the rest of the time, the sky is partly or mostly cloudy.

Moreover, even the shortest day in Karachi has a daylight duration of more than ten hours, and daylight duration goes as high as around fourteen hours on the longest day. These conditions make Karachi a very feasible spot to install a solar system

Maximum benefit can be obtained from the solar system in Karachi. All in all, the climate of Karachi is perfect for solar systems.

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