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Sialkot is the 13th most populous city in Pakistan and is amongst the country’s industrial hubs. The city is famous for producing several internationally exported goods, including sports and surgical goods. Sialkot is an energy-hungry city that needs a continuous power supply to operate its factories and industries. The energy deficiency in Sialkot has drastically affected the city’s economy and, ultimately, the country.

Many companies and industries in Sialkot are looking for alternative energy resources that can provide them continuous power supply. Diesel generators have been a favorite choice by many, but the huge costs incurred. Increased environmental pollution has made the industrialists think otherwise. Solar solutions are being adopted as an alternate energy source that will provide them with continuous electricity supply and keep the environment and city clean and please international clients looking for clean production of products.

Leading the Solar Innovation in Sialkot

Sialkot is one of the biggest industrialized cities that supports Pakistan with export-oriented economies. Ngle.pk has taken the lead in providing effective and smart solar solutions to the residents and industrialists of Sialkot. We have exported the best quality solar panels with maximum efficiency, and our experts will install them for you to enjoy full benefits from them.
Our experts do their research very well and know that Sialkot’s average solar radiation per day is 5.4 kWh/m, which is good enough for the solar systems to operate efficiently and produce sufficient electricity. Our experts will thoroughly analyze the customer requirements, availability of space, feasibility, practicality, and affordability and then suggest and implement the most practical and suitable solar system for you. Our smart and efficient services have helped us to lead the solar market in Sialkot.

Solar Solutions for all your needs​

Pakistan, along with the rest of the world, is facing a severe energy crisis. Many countries have shifted to alternative energy resources. Pakistan has great potential for alternative renewable resources such as wind, biomass, solar and hydel. Solar energy, amongst the other resources, has gained great popularity because of several factors.
Pakistan’s energy crisis is severe. The country faces a demand and production gap of around 8000 MW which is expected to increase every year if immediate actions are not taken. Pakistan has huge potential for solar energy with more than 300 days of bright sunlight and can easily cover the energy deficit; in fact, the production can even be greater than the demand. Sadly, many political and financial reasons have pushed Pakistan back in advancement.
Pakistan’s geographical location and climate make it an amazing place to exploit sunlight to the maximum capacity. Most parts of the country enjoy around 10 hours of daylight, receiving about 6 kWh/m2 of solar radiation each day. With this huge reserve, all our energy needs can easily be fulfilled with solar energy.

We lead the solar competition in the city with excellent consultation, design, and services.

Ngle.pk your companion in Going Green

Pakistan has a great potential of coming out of the energy crisis very successfully. Pakistan has been endowed with sunlight that can be smartly used to go green and fulfill all energy. We at Ngle.pk know this very well and are here to serve you with the best, most economical, and smart solar solutions that will benefit you and the city and country.
Our smart and efficient solar solutions provide customers with a continuous power supply and help them save money, enjoy uninterrupted power supply and improve the environmental conditions by reducing greenhouse gases. We will be there for you from the first step of consultation to the very end. Even after installation, we will monitor the system 24/7 for its condition, faults, and efficiency and help you maintain it for maximum efficiency.

Types of Solutions in Sialkot

Ngle.pk strives hard to offer diverse solar solutions to meet different needs. We have clients from all domains and work efficiently to meet up the various requirements. Our solutions deal with the following categories:

Domestic Solutions

  • Residential solar systems are the most practical and affordable solution to the current energy crisis.
  • In residential setups, the use of solar panels for electricity production is increasing because of the ever hiking prices and unreliable power supply.
  • We provide customized residential solar solutions that range between 5 kWh and 30 kWh.
  • Our solutions are designed specifically for each customer, considering their house, usage, energy conservation habit, and affordability.On-grid, off-grid, and hybrid solutions are available for different customer requirements.


Commercial solutions

  • Considering the energy crisis and its adverse effect on the economy, solar systems have become essential for smooth and efficient running in the commercial setup.
  • Our customised commercial solutions are best for applications with energy ranges between 30 kWh and 200 kWh, particularly small and medium enterprises.


Industrial solutions

  • The energy requirement at the industrial level is quite high, and the need for a reliable power supply is even more.
  • Power outages and increased tariffs have brought the industries to the verge of destruction.
  • In this situation, solar solutions are the only hope, and we offer the best and economical solutions for the energy needs greater than 200 kWh.

Benefits of Using Solar System in Sialkot

Sialkot is an industrialist city with a huge population; hence, energy requirements are very high. Sialkot needs a constant energy supply to run the many industries it houses. The local utility lags to provide the city with reliable energy that will help the city to progress. It is imperative that Sialkot goes solar so that the increased energy needs can be efficiently met. Here are some benefits of using solar energy in Sialkot:

  1. Continuous power supply to run the industries efficiently and produce continuous output.
  2. Improve the environmental conditions of the city by producing clean and energy.
  3. Production of clean products will attract more international clients looking for clean production; this means an increase in the economy.
  4. Reduction in the distribution and transmission losses and help the local utility to stabilize.
  5. Depend on a reliable and inexhaustible source of energy to avoid any inconvenience in the future.
  6. Reduce the carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions and make the city clean and green.
  7. Save money by paying reduced bills and net metering.

Reduce Bills by Net Metering in Sialkot

net metering

Net metering is the most valuable part of a solar system installation. The local utility in Sialkot offers the net metering facility to the owners of the solar system. Ngle.pk helps its customers to make the most out of this benefit. From the application process to the implantation of the net meter, we will do all of the work for you.
Ngle.pk will help consumers to sell excess electricity by installing on-grid and hybrid systems. This will help our customers enjoy clean and green electricity, reduce bills, and save lots of money.
A net meter will determine the difference between the energy used from the utility and the energy delivered to the utility through the solar panel system. The utility will then charge only for the difference in the energy. This means you can enjoy a further reduction in the bill by selling your excess electricity. A net meter will also help you get a negative bill, which means the extra units delivered can be compensated for any future electricity use from the utility. This calls for further savings!

Perfect Climate of Sialkot for Solar System

Sialkot lies in the tropical region and experiences warm, humid, sweltering, and clear summers while the winters are short, cool, and clear. The cloud cover in the city varies widely with the change in the season. The clear months are for around seven months, in which 98% of the time the sky is mostly clear. The other five months are partly cloudy or overcast.
Sialkot is a hot city with sunlight shining the day for a minimum of ten hours and a maximum of over fourteen hours which are excellent conditions for the solar system to work efficiently. The average solar radiation that Sialkot experiences is 6.9 kWh for every square meter in the summer season. In comparison, the radiation decreases to an average of 4 kWh for every square meter in winters. Solar radiation is sufficient enough to produce a considerable amount of electricity.

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