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Shifting to a cleaner and more reliable source of energy is a necessity now. Islamabad has always been a green and scenic city of Pakistan, and Ngle.pk aims to maintain the city’s beauty and pure environment. We support, encourage, and help people shift towards solar energy to reduce their carbon footprint and make the city’s atmosphere cleaner and free from greenhouse gases and pollution.  We have grown as a strong competitor of excellent solar services in Islamabad.

We strive to offer these advanced solar solutions to our customers at affordable prices so that everyone can equally contribute to a cleaner and greener Islamabad.

Leading the Solar Innovation in Islamabad

The experts at Ngle.pk understand that the only way to excel is to be innovative, flexible, and smart. We strive to provide our customers with the best and latest solar technology available and that too at reasonable prices. We have a special place for our country and are always finding ways to contribute to our country. Providing excellent services and technology at giveaway prices is the least we can do for the country. We are devoted to our customers and help them maintain their solar system so that it can remain efficient for a very long time. Our excellent services and use of advanced technology have brought us into the limelight.

Solar Solutions for all your needs

Sun is the most reliable and inexhaustible source of energy. We can never run out of solar energy. So, why not use it as our energy source for producing clean electricity. For a long time, we have been burning fossil fuels to meet our energy needs, resulting in the depletion of fossil fuels and severely damaged the Earth. It is high time we take action to correct our mistakes and save this world.

Solar energy is a clean source of energy that is also highly reliable. Gladly, Pakistan is one of the countries with excessive sunlight throughout the year; except for a few months, Pakistan enjoys intense sunlight for a great many hours. Using solar energy in Pakistan is the most practical solution to meet all energy needs without damaging the Earth. The energy crisis faced by Pakistan and awareness about the Earth has made people start making clean choices like opting for solar energy.

Adopt solar solutions to enjoy an uninterrupted power supply with almost no cost!

Ngle.pk your companion in Going Green


Ngle.pk’s vision is to help people achieve a clean and green Pakistan by using advanced solar solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. Excessive burning of fossil fuels has severely damaged Pakistan’s atmosphere and has made the air we breathe polluted and unsafe. We aim at solving these issues by providing efficient and affordable solutions to people. We have established ourselves intending to serve people and help make Pakistan and this Earth a safer and cleaner place to live.

Our experts provide complete consultation to the people after analysing their needs and circumstances. We then develop customized solutions using our advanced solar technologies. And all this comes at an affordable price. We will help you reduce your bill, save money, set up a highly efficient solar system with maximum yield, and play your part in making the country green and clean.

Our experts are always researching and moulding themselves accordingly. With almost ten hours of bright sunlight in Pakistan, we can make the most out of it. Ngle.pk, will be your companion to fight the energy crisis and make the country green and clean again.

Types of Solutions in Islamabad

Energy needs are diverse, and our experts understand this very well; therefore, we offer a wide range of solutions to our customers. Our experts pay individual attention to all customers and design the most feasible, practical, and affordable solar solution for them. The solutions we offer include but are not limited to:

Domestic Solutions

  • Domestic needs lie on a small scale; therefore, our solutions for domestic purposes range between 5 kWh and 30 kWh. The solutions can be implemented on on-ground farms or rooftops, whichever is suitable according to the conditions and requirements. 
  • Our expert makes the decisions after a thorough analysis of the site, feasibility, and needs. 
  • The solar systems can be designed off-grid, on-grid, or hybrid as per the feasibility and requirements.


Commercial solutions

  • Energy needs are greater at the commercial level as compared to domestic demands.
  • Sadly, interrupted power supply and poor quality of electricity have made business owners looking for alternate options.
  • Our solar solutions range from 30 kWh to 200 kWh and are the best option to go for at the commercial level for small to medium enterprises (SME)


Industrial solutions

  • To operate efficiently and produce output efficiently, Industries need to have good quality and an uninterrupted power supply source. 
  • Our utility has failed to achieve people’s needs and demands. To the distressed industrialists out there, Ngle.pk offers industrial solutions for meeting energy requirements greater than 200 kWh. 
  • Our solar solutions are advanced and complete to efficiently handle all industrial loads, including inductive and capacitive loads.

Benefits of Using Solar System in Islamabad

The population of Islamabad is increasing exponentially. However, the resources to accommodate everyone’s needs are not being expanded and developed. Energy crises have severely increased, making people suffer long load shedding hours in high temperatures. People have become frustrated with these issues and are looking for more reliable energy sources. Here are some benefits of going solar in Islamabad:

  1. Being dependent on a more reliable source of energy without facing interruptions.
  2. Reduce transmission and distribution losses and help the utility to function efficiently.
  3. Help in making the city green and clean by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint.
  4. Make use of clean and green energy.
  5. Reduce your bills considerably and save money for future use.
  6. Be free from the interrupted power supply and enjoy power at all times.

Reduce Bills by Net Metering in Islamabad

What happens to the excess electricity? The energy produced by a solar system is usually more than required. This can be stored for later use or sold to the utility to gain benefits of reduced bills or even no bill at all. Without a net meter installed at your house, the excess electricity will automatically go to the utility without any accountability. Installing a net meter will give you all the extra befits from the installed solar system.

Ngle.pk works to help the customers get all the possible benefits from a solar system. We offer both on-grid and hybrid solar solutions according to the feasibility and customer requirements. Our solutions are designed such that the customers can also sell electricity to save money further. The net meter installed helps to determine the difference in electricity being used and produced. The excess electricity is then compensated for.

In the summer season or on days with more sunlight hours, the electricity produced is generally greater than what is required. The net meter helps to bring this excess electricity into account. The utility will compensate for the extra units by reducing the bill or sending no bill. You can also receive a negative bill which means your used units of a future month will also get compensated.

Perfect Climate of Islamabad for Solar System

The climate of Islamabad is hot, humid, and clear in summers whereas, the winters are short, cool, and mostly clear. The cloud cover in the city varies with the season, and you can enjoy a clear sky for around seven months of the year. The rest of the months are partly or sometimes mostly cloudy. 

Furthermore, Islamabad has sufficient daylight time; Islamabad has around ten hours of daylight on the shortest and can have around fourteen hours of daylight on the longest day. The daylight duration is adequate for the solar system to work effectually giving great output. The Islamabad climate is great for installing solar panel system and enjoying reduced bills with continuous power supply.

The daylight duration in Islamabad is sufficient to make the solar systems work efficiently and produce great yields. Sufficient electricity can be produced to enjoy a continuous power supply with reduced bills and huge money savings. The shortest day in Islamabad has around ten hours of sun, whereas the longer days can enjoy about 14 hours of daylight.

Islamabad climate is great to enjoy the benefits of the solar system.


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